May 25


Focus Is Hard to Come by These Days. Here’s Why.

By Peter Julian

It is very difficult for people to focus right now due to the pandemic. The coronavirus has caused many of us to become stressed, bored, anxious, fearful and even fatigued. All of these factors play a role into the ability to focus because they harm our brain and prevent it from functioning at it’s peak. Some things that we can do to improve our focus is to repiar our sleep schedule, eat a healthy diet and get some consistent exercise in. Not only will these things improve our focus, but they also will lessen the effects of stress and anxiety as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • You might have just learned how to focus during lockdown, and now will have to learn all over again as lockdowns ease.
  • Things like stress and anxiety are still present, so focusing remains difficult.
  • If you’re struggling with focus, try breaking down large tasks into smaller ones to help.

““Focus is hard to come by these days,” Suzi Banks Baum, a friend and talented artist and teacher, wrote in a recent newsletter to a group of more than 100 artists with whom she has worked virtually throughout the months of COVID lockdown.”

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