November 9


Thought as Currency

By Peter Julian

Cryptocurrency is a logical extension of monetary systems, but it also has more abstract applications such as NFTs. NFTs allow intellectual property to live on in a blockchain. Elon Musk once suggested that music might someday be streamed straight into our brains. Can something similar happen with thoughts? Can they be extracted, decoded and reproduced? Scientists can already generate recognizable images that have only ever been imagined in someone’s brain. “Pure ideas” will one day become preserved digitally and then minted into the blockchain. Thoughts can be monetized this way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thoughts will someday be extracted from the brain and preserved in digital form.
  • Scientists can already generate recognizable images of stuff that only ever existed in the brain.
  • Such technology would eliminate the tedious process of having to put ideas down on paper.

“The emergence of cryptocurrency is changing the world. In some instances, it’s a practical and logical extension of monetary or commerce systems.”

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