October 17


My Deepest, Darkest Secret: Why I Never Felt Good Enough

By Peter Julian

When I trained to become a dancer, my own mind was my most brutal critic. After becoming a professional dancer, I still couldn’t appreciate any of my accomplishments. My insecurity lead to poor performances and feelings of shame. I quit dancing and turned to teaching yoga. Once again, I felt the same performance anxiety and negativity. I then turned to low-pressure jobs. I learned about imposter syndrome, the chronic self-doubt that causes people to think they are fraudulent. It is usually associated with high achievers, so I initially thought it couldn’t apply to me. I was wrong. However, I have now begun to take small steps to overcome my brain’s own negativity bias.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite becoming a professional dancer, I still struggled to recognize my accomplishments.
  • I allowed my darkest secret – feeling flawed and inadequate – to live inside me rent-free.
  • Imposter syndrome can afflict those with extraordinary accomplishments who went on to push aside their inner demons.

“Not good enough, do it again carved a deep groove into my brain, branding it like a wild bull by a hot iron.”

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