May 27


What do you think time is like?

By Peter Julian

May 27, 2020

Time is something that was invented, as a way to keep track of what we are doing throughout our day and what and when we need to get certain things done. If you were to say that you were going to take a shower for thirty minutes, and you didn’t have a timer in the shower with you, it would be hard to gauge how long you have been in there for. Time continues, and some people don’t see it as something that is always changing.

Key Takeaways:

  • While we act as though time is a real thing, many of us don’t actually think about what time truly is.
  • We all have certain understood beliefs about time that guide our actions.
  • Read on for a study on people’s tacit beliefs about time and how they understand time dynamics.

“Philosophers have assumed that we have tacit beliefs about time, and that these shape our ways of engaging with the world. In particular, they have thought that we tacitly believe that there is something dynamical about time itself.”

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