May 31


Choose Your Best You

By Peter Julian

It can be hard to choose between the you that you want to be, and the you that you have always been. Making that decision is the first step in determining who you are going to become in the future, and who you are going to start becoming right now in the present moment. You can recover from any trauma and release any emotions that you feel about the situation, instead of continuing to carry them with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • At some point, everyone will have to figure out if they want to keep living their normal life or live a new life of their choosing.
  • Feeling positively about yourself can dictate what life you end up leading.
  • You need to stop thinking of yourself as a victim in order to live the best life you can.

“It was there at Duke where they got the devastating news. They diagnosed me with retinitis pigmentosa or “RP” for short. The doctors instructed them to, “Prepare for the day that Chad’s eyesight is gone and go on living life.” For the next fifteen years, I followed only the second half of the doctor’s advice.”

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