May 11


6 Strategies to Strengthen Your Self-Control

By Peter Julian

There are quite a few different things that we can do to strengthen our self control. Studies have shown that most people have something called a morning morality effect which means in mornings they’re more resistant to doing bad things. This is the perfect time to get your most difficult tasks of the day done. You should also track your progress such as your exercise, your daily food intake and your sleep in order to monitor your overall health. Finally, take a break and have some fun if you’re feeling overworked or stressed out. We all can use a break sometimes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get the more difficult tasks of your day done first as most people tend to be more self controlled earlier on in the day.
  • Track your progress by keeping a written log or wearing a tracker so you can understand what food you’re eating daily, how much exercise you’re getting and how your sleep is.
  • Allow yourself to have some fun and take a break if you’re overworking yourself and getting stressed out. Being a perfectionist is pointless after all.

“If you can’t resist the tractor beam of Skittles at midnight, don’t buy them. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram when you’re supposed to be working, install an app that keeps you off social media.”

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