July 17


The Practice of Truly Enjoying Time Off

By Peter Julian

A lot of people are so heavily involved in their jobs that they actually struggle to enjoy their time off. A way to fix this is to slow down and understand that it’s your down time, not your time to work. You also should set clear boundaries and limits so that you’re not working on your time off as well. Finally, let out all of your negative energy including stress, anxiety and frustration and replace it with positive energy.

Key Takeaways:

  • When giving yourself time off, give yourself full permission and don’t feel guilty.
  • Make an effort to be in the moment, to stop thinking about the stuff you’re not doing.
  • Physical activity such as a run, a swim, or even working around the house can release stress and frustration.

“A lot of time our work lives spill into our personal lives, so that we’re checking email or messages while spending time with family, or we’re out on a walk and making calls. This isn’t wrong, but it doesn’t allow for full enjoyment of the time off.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/time-off/

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