August 25


The Power of Proactive Thinking

By Peter Julian

When you start focusing on your role as an active participant and creator of your destiny, being prepared for many things that are possible, you can say that your thinking has adopted the frame of proactive approach. This shift from being a reactionary to an active creator also allows you to consider factors and situations ahead of time, which ensures your reaction will be more rational. It also gives you ample time to think of alternatives and best scenarios resulting in optimal reaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proactive thinking prepares you with an established plan, and avoids the problem of getting hit by circumstances.
  • Proactive thinking requires you to think creatively and to possess a flexible vision.
  • Life is filled with patterns, and a proactive person observes and analyzes them.

“However, when it’s time to face reality (whether we want to or not), we always have two options: apply a reactive thought or a proactive focus.”

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