December 5


The perks of being a bit neurotic

By Peter Julian

Many would argue that being neurotic is the worst of the personality traits. Being neurotic is an inherited trait that has helped us over thousands of years of evolution. Neuroticism is described as one of the big five personality traits and is extremely sensitive to bad or negative stimuli or scenarios. If you are neurotic you can have worry, fear, depression, anxiety, and suffer poor mental and physical health due to stress. Being Neurotic does have a good side, people that have this trait can predict and react to danger more quickly, saving ourselves. While neuroticism creates socially awkward individuals it also lends a hand toward being very competitive and achieving great degrees of academic success. You can control neuroticism with therapy and mindful meditation, but be aware that being slightly neurotic also leaves you with far more creativity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although neurotocism is usually considered a negative trait, it has persisted throughout thousands of evolutionary years, leading some to presume it has some good to offer.
  • Neuroticism is actually an inherited personality trait, rather than a learned one.
  • Neurotics are known for being unsually sensitive to negative stimulus, an asset that may have kept them alert and wary in dangerous straits.

“Individuals who score highly on neuroticism tend to be more competitive and to attain more academic success than their less worry-prone peers.”

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