December 3


Meet Stella — the pup who knows how to use 29 human words

By Peter Julian

Speech pathlogist has taught Stella, her dog how to communicate using a board of push buttons and words. Her dog can tell her when she is hungry, how to say I love you, and when she wants to go outside. Many pet owners have understood that their animals can talk but Stella does in sentences that make sense. Dogs do communicate already by barking, jumping in excitement, growling but this ups the game considerably. Dogs have a receptive language to help them understand and receive commands.

Key Takeaways:

  • One speech pathologist found a way to teach her dog to communicate with a human vocabulary.
  • The pathologist made large buttons to house word recordings that her dog could step on.
  • Every dog owner who is certain that Fido understands walk, snack, and lots of other human words is now proven correct.

“Stella’s vocabulary is up now to 29 words, and she can fluidly string them together to express her desires and her feelings.”

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