May 7


Let Me Remind You How Smart You Are

By Peter Julian

Cognitive dissonance is the tension that exists when a person tries hold contradictory ideas in their head simultaneously. It usually ends when new information is accepted. With COVID-19, you might have thought the virus was no worse than the yearly flu, but now you know better. You may have thought it only kills older individuals, but now you’ve learned otherwise. Being smart, you know how geometric progression works, and how doubling is what makes the virus spread so much. The good news is that social isolation works to slow the spread, and intensive care can save people’s lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 feels like flu to some people, and those people are the lucky ones, but to some others it feels like drowning.
  • The good news is that intensive care—which keeps people breathing until their immune system and anti-virals can fight it off—works.
  • Alarge part of that help we can give ICUs is not all turning up needing intense help at the same time.

“And, no-one is evil either. You are all good people who don’t want people to die, least of all if those people are yourselves.”

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