October 29


Divergent Perception

By Peter Julian

Humans know, and as of now neuroscience agrees, that perception is rooted not in reality as it is but rather an interpretation of reality, so despite the inherent objectivity of reality, human beings process and perceive a tinted version of reality. The disparity between true reality and perceived reality is due in part to the anatomical limitations of humans’ sensory perception and processing, but also because the human brain is set up in a manner meant to be practical as opposed to accurate. Through evolution, the brain has morphed out of the drive to survive, and part of the brain’s evolution involved the calculation of and minimization of unpredictability in favor of survival and safety. Part of this survival mechanism is conformity, which maintains a strong hold on people’s lives to the point that deviating from societal or perceived norms can keep people from changing the course of their own lives and, consequently, their reality. Veering away from norms has historically allowed for humanity’s progress and innovations; deviating from society’s predetermined paths can allow for the control of perception and the increase of imaginative and innovative thought.

Key Takeaways:

  • Studies have shown that the idea of reality is a correct description of our processing of perception.
  • Over the course of our lives, our brains tend to lower the degree of uncertainty in the name of safety.
  • The key to the creative process may be permitting uncertainty into our thought process.

“The sensory data by itself is useful, but not meaningful until our perceptual system assigns meaning by filling in the voids to create a complete representation.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/beyond-school-walls/201910/divergent-perception

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