December 23


A New-Look Motive Hierarchy for Human Flourishing

By Peter Julian

Move aside Maslov (well not really) if anything the pyramid version is revised with some consideration for modern concerns. Efficacy, self-love, actualization of being able to accomplish tasks set for one’s self, plus four other elements of Maslov’s original hierarchy. Those seven elements are rearranging the importance of what Maslov created some time ago to encourage human beings to find ways of accomplishing goals. Impressive back then and simply revised now, they’re just updated. What is the point of this exercise? It is to set realistic goals to keep the human going throughout the day without becoming too discouraged and giving up on what goals they’ve set as too difficult. From personal growth it has become a business model as well. To see it in action depends on which businesses have made it a success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a graphic diagram detailing human needs.
  • Maslow’s hierarchy chart can be updated to be more relevant, with “human flourishing” paramount.
  • Human flourishing is partially composed of facets of well-being, autonomy and purpose.

“Maslow wrote that human potentialities could be individual or collective or even species-wide, describing some but not all of his self-actualized study participants as unselfish people desiring to help the human race.”

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