December 21


Why Science Is Unpopular

By Peter Julian

December 21, 2019

Science can be said to study the physical and social worlds that we live in. Science is based on hypothesis, trial, error, and conclusion. It is often unpopular to general public especially when it goes against perceived norms and established laws. People are less invested in the effort of science today as it they cannot perceive its outcome on their life. Science and the general public perception can be thought of through the lens of genes which exhibit three popular traits. One, genes can win or lose depending on how they relate to other genes. In a sense a zero sum game. Two, genes are only important if the life lives to pass them on: survival. Three, Gene success primarily is measured on successful mating or reproduction. This cold look at our biology is in stark contrast to the complex ways we see ourselves today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food aficionados think that food should be visually pleasing and nutritional.
  • Science focuses on ideas and ways to carry out those ideas successfully.
  • Achieving success in a scientific field takes us further away from disease, death, and danger.

“Science specializes in ideas, and in methods for sorting those ideas, that lead to successful action, rather than ideas that appeal to other people.”

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