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What They Don’t Tell You About Motivation

By Marcus Clarke It’s no secret, there is a ton of information out there about motivation. Blogs, articles, books, magazines, self-help gurus and of course audio programs all aim to help us increase our levels of motivation – whether to improve our work life or personal life. And while the majority of available information is […]

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How to Cure the Sick Soul

How to Cure the Soul

by Julia Scalise, DN, PhD Many years ago, I read this quote:      “If the head and body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul.”  ~Plato Somewhere deep inside my being, that resonated with me. I truly believe, no matter our state of good physical health, emotional well-being, or how healthy […]

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7 Super Useful Journaling Tips To Improve Success in the New Year

improve success

Resolutions tend to be broken. Improve success by writing some of your resolutions or intentions in a journal.

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“Personal Development” – What IS It, Really?

Striving to make ourselves better may be thought of by some to be “New Age,” but this practice actually dates to ancient history. Throughout the years there have been many societies that spoke of developing oneself as the only real purpose in life and that philosophy (knowing more about oneself and the universe), was the […]

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3 Steps to Creating Your Legacy

by Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew It’s funny how you don’t think about the impact of a person on your life until they are no longer available.  Facebook, despite its ability to provide an ample amount of funny videos and mindless entertainment, can also be a place to receive pertinent information.  Reading through my timeline one Sunday, I found […]

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10 Ways to Slow Down Time

By Diana Raab, Ph.D. It is a well-known phenomenon that as we get older, time seems to move more quickly. There are various theories as to why this happens. The one that makes the most sense is that when we are young, we encounter a lot of “firsts,” such as our first sleepover, our first […]

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Five Ways to Find Writing Subjects

by Diana Raab Whether your chosen genre is fiction, nonfiction or poetry, you probably have a unique story to tell. Reliving and retelling childhood stories are common platforms for writers. We often go back to childhood because it was a time filled with pain, joy or laden with unanswered questions. More often than not, there […]

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Creative Kids Rock! How to Raise One & How to BE One!

By Whitney Freya Would you say that your life since school has been more reflective of a BLANK CANVAS or a MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST? Today we live in a world that celebrates new ideas, adaptability, self-motivation and originality. And it is just going to continue rapidly upward on this trajectory. This is why creativity and […]

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The Secret to Getting Better Results in Anything You Do

by Umar Hameed, founder of Productivity Cubed The best deal I ever negotiated wasn’t even for me. I was helping a friend buy a new car and I was fearless. My friend was ecstatic with the deal and in awe of my negotiating abilities. Six months later it turned out to be a lie! Six […]

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5 Tips on the Fine Art of Storytelling

by Diana Raab, Ph.D. The purpose of storytelling is to share those stories which unite us as human beings. Stories bring us together and bridge the gaps among our differences. They are also tools for learning and exchanging ideas. But not all storytellers are created equal. Surely you have noticed that some people are wonderful […]

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