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[Infographic] No More Procrastination – Just Feeling Motivated Everyday

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Do you have trouble staying motivated?

If you said “yes,” you are not alone!  Most people find it easy to dive into a project or task in the beginning, especially if it is something they are excited about.  However, the excitement is hard to maintain and often procrastination sets in.

Part of the reason for this is that you probably just haven’t found what you need to motivate YOU.  We are all different, and what works for me may not work for you.

8 Experiments to Get You Motivated

That is why Leo Babauta, a leader in the Personal Development world, devised these 8 motivation experiments. You can try them to find out what your best motivation strategy will be!  You may be able to read through the list and know immediately what will work for you.  If not, you may at least what is most likely to succeed.

Pick that one and try it out for two weeks, see how it feels and if you find yourself more motivated and excited to keep going on your task.

If you don’t find yourself more motivated than before, that might not be the best fit for you.  Read through the experiments and make another choice.  Try that different experiment for two weeks.  Rinse and repeat…

You may also find that you achieve the most success if you combine more than one.  For example, the first one (consequences that you cannot ignore) includes having to pay a penalty of sorts if you do not meet your goal.  Perhaps you want to pair that with getting support from a group.

Of course, you do not need to limit yourself to these suggestions.  You may have heard of another motivation strategy that you think might work for you.  Go ahead and try that if you think it might work better for you.  The whole point is to find a way to motivate yourself so that you can achieve your goals and become successful!

You can more information about these experiments on ZenHabits.  We have summarized the concepts in the below infographic.  Our BrainStorm Motivation program is another tool that can help you stop procrastinating and find the motivation you need to keep going – find out more about it here.

Get Motivated with These 8 Methods

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