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What Our Personal Development Readers Want – Survey 2018 Results Are In!

By Peter Julian

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What Our Personal Development Readers Want – Survey 2018 Results Are In!

It's always exciting...

...for us to learn what you, our wonderful subscribers and customers need from us to help in the quest to become Smarter, Faster, and just plain Better.

So, every year we ask you to give us input in the form of a short survey  to give us a "north star" guide that will be assist us in planning the BrainSpeak MindLetter focus as well as new programs and free tools. (Here's the link if you haven't already given us your feedback.)

This year we asked four questions (and left out one very important one that you can answer in the comments section at the very bottom of this article)...

This year's questions​ were:

  • Do you currently use a tablet or smartphone to access news, educational material and information?
  • When reading online material, from what kind of device are you most likely to access your favorite content?
  • The focus of the BrainSpeak MindLetter is to bring you information that will help you become Smarter, Faster, and just plain Better. What general topics would you like us to include in our article mix?
  • How often would you like to see a new MindLetter edition?

And the Winners Are...

Since technology is evolving at a dizzying pace, our first question dealt with whether our subscribers currently used a tablet or smartphone or were planning to in order to access information.

Considering global trends, the results were only surprising in that more of our respondents answered "no" than we predicted.

The results were: 68.89% YES and 31.11% NO

Next, we wanted to know which devices were most popular so that we could make sure that we produced audio programs and text material that is compatible (we do have you covered here!).

As you can see from the image above, the Windows PC platform was the overall winner with 46.67%. The iOS Tablet and Android SmartPhone were the most common in the hand-held categories with both scoring 13.33% each.

Our 3rd inquiry is always the most interesting!  Keeping in mind that our company was founded around the science and then-emerging technology of accelerated learning, the results below were really no surprise. Multiple answers were allowed.

Here are the top 5 results:

  • check
    Memory Enhancement - 71.11%
  • check
    Accelerated Learning - 66.67%
  • check
    Latest Findings in Neuroscience - 60%
  • check
    Clarity & Focus - 55.56%
  • check
    General Personal Development - 46.67%

The top 10 also included Meditation, Success and Prosperity, Creativity, Personal Performance, and Brain Fitness in that order.

Lastly, we wanted to know how often our readers wanted to be updated with new and useful information. As a publisher, my inclination is to nail down the most recent and trending information for you and get it to your inbox or message system as quickly as possible, but alas... (insert sly grin here)

We get it! Your inbox is stuffed (I get 300+ emails a day) and overwhelmingly, our readers want us to provide information and updates on a monthly basis. Others not even close there, Boss...

Conclusions, a Request, and the North Star

These annual surveys are always fun and enlightening for us! You have told us that we are on the right track in terms of our content and product line-up. The release of our Secret of Genius free report (see it here) was well-received and you can expect more free and low-cost tools and programs in the near future.

One of the "ah-has" that we encountered was the lack of adoption of current device technology by our responders. In general, respondents to this type of questionnaire tend to be older and that may be true in this case reflected in the use of a Windows-based PC over more current tech such as smartphones and tablets. In any case, we will continue to adapt to the latest technologies for consuming our material and audio programs as we see the need develop.

Also, you can expect less-frequent and more "meaty" MindLetter editions with a few program and content updates thrown in on occasion just so you know we still love you!

One last thing...

We also would like to know what format (audio, video, live broadcast, or text) you most enjoy when you access personal development content. Please let us know in the "Comments" section below.

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  • Text – Text – Text – 90% of the time I turn off audio and video.
    I can always come back to it when I have time

    Thank you for asking!

  • Please let us know what your preference is when comsuming personal development content. Thanks in advance!!

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