Want the Cure for the "Common" Mind?

Do you want to dramatically improve your concentration and memory, make better decisions, solve complex problems, develop your creativity and intuition, enhance your self-esteem, relax, and experience more joy in your life?

The Most Powerful Personal Development Tools...

For over 40 years, the researchers at BrainSpeak® have literally pioneered the use of sound and subliminal technology in commercially available personal development programs. And today, we are continuing to evolve and enhance our proprietary technologies to bring you the most advanced Personal Development tools you can find anywhere.

The Cure for the "Common" Mind...

Learn why BrainSpeak® programs are the fastest way to create a better mind for a better life.

Here Are Just a Few of the Over Fifty Powerful Life-Changing Programs From BrainSpeak®

The BrainSpeak Program

The BrainSpeak® audio program is a 21st century tool for mastering your life by opening you to higher consciousness, achieving balance, and creating physical and emotional well-being. This exceptional audio series is based upon scientific research and study of the transformational impact of sound on the brain/mind.

Because of it's unique design, it evolves with you and can be used throughout a lifetime.

Ultra Intelligence®

Designed To Increase Sheer Intellectual Power

After 20-years of research and experimentation with sound patterns and tones played at varying frequencies, we created an audio program using unique vibratory patterns to stimulate the brain’s neurons and boost synaptic response.

This allowed listeners to achieve quantum breakthroughs in accelerated learning and intellectual power.

Brain-Mind Expansion Intensive®

Increase short- and long-term memory, concentration, and focus so you learn, remember, and apply important information faster, spending less time reviewing and relearning material.

Eliminate your self-sabotaging mental scripts and easily correct the hidden negative beliefs that stop you from developing your amazing memory and focus.

Become a true accelerated learning master via ten powerful audio tracks that you can experience at home, at the office, while studying, and even commuting.

The BrainStorm Series

Immerse yourself in the world of BrainStorm Silent Subliminals, where the innovative combination of our sound and silent subliminal technologies come together to revolutionize the way you experience personal growth.

With each program offering two dynamic audio tracks in various formats, you can explore the first track's specially orchestrated blend of BrainSpeak Sound Pattern Technology and silent subliminal messages specific to the program's focus. Then, enjoy the standalone version of the silent track, designed for undetectable playback in any environment, making it perfect for all-day exposure without the need for audible music or nature sounds. Embrace the power of BrainStorm and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage®

Are you tired of feeling like you're your own worst enemy?

In order to solve the problem, you are going to have to get down into the real subjects that are still “off-limits” and taboo in most personal development programs.

Do you often find yourself stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back from achieving your full potential? Our Eliminate Self-Sabotage audio program is designed to help you break free from subconscious belief systems that are keeping you from happiness and success. By reprogramming your mind and releasing destructive core beliefs, you can finally overcome mental obstacles and create the life you've always dreamed of.

EnvironMENTAL Learning

Through the use of EnvironMENTAL Learning program, you can create the perfect audio environment for accelerated learning.

Whether studying, reading, teaching, or working, this program can be utilized to enhance the retention of information. By listening to the program while studying or after attending classes or meetings, you can boost your ability to retain and apply new material.

This innovative audio program will help you improve your comprehension and retention and overcome negative beliefs that hinder efficient learning. 

Synaptic Symphonies

Now you can enjoy the highest-production-quality music while re-scripting your inner beliefs with ultra-high-frequency "silent" affirmations.

These specially created tracks transport you into a new mental realm where your unconscious responds effortlessly to positive silent affirmations.

Nine issue-specific titles featuring amazing music and layered silent subliminals!

The Pathways Collection

Our NEW Pathways series combines the latest neuro-tech with professionally scripted and produced positive subliminal affirmations designed to help you tackle the really tough issues that may be holding you back from the life you deserve!

With 3 categories and more than two dozen issue-specific titles, each 2-track Pathways program can guide you through a journey of your choice. 

Pathways helps you re-educate your subconscious mind to make the mental changes necessary to create your life as you want it to be.

The BrainStream® Collection

Three Powerful Titles Help You Rid Yourself of Guilt, Activate Your Intuition, or Tap Into the Power of Love!

Are you ready to take control of your innermost thoughts and transform your life? BrainStream® audio series is founded on the concept that our beliefs determine our behavior – and when we change these beliefs, we change our lives. In order to overcome old, negative beliefs, it is essential to release them and let them go, no matter how deeply they are embedded in our subconscious. With BrainStream®, you can re-think your life and create the results you desire by taking responsibility for your thoughts and manifesting the life you truly want.

Here's a sample of what others are saying...

Finally, it clicked!

"I have used almost every subliminal motivation program produced. None worked, none. After two weeks of using your program, I thought I had lost again. Finally, it clicked. Wham. Due to your tracks, my concentration at school improved. My memory, which was terrible, is now great. I went from the bottom of the class to straight A's. Thank you."

Ralph Younger



A quantum leap!

"Your programs are the most important neuroscience breakthrough this century. They are a quantum leap above anything available."

Claus Georges

(Formerly Esalen Institute, Germany)


Replace old beliefs!

"The tracks have allowed me to realize my full potential in life! They have allowed me to realize many of my old belief systems and replace them with positive, creative thinking."

Barbara Zimmermann

(Budget Coordinator)