June 21


BrainSpeak Is On Facebook!

By Peter Julian

One of the absolute best ways to get more information about our programs, learn about new trends in personal development, share your positive growth experiences, and receive help and support from those who have already traveled the path you are on is to connect with us on Facebook.

When you come to our page (http://facebook.com/BrainSpeak), you’ll find interesting conversations, answers to your questions, breaking news of new releases and occasional “flash” discount offers on our best programs. You’ll even have the opportunity to personally interact with BrainSpeak CEO/Publisher Peter Julian.

Our Facebook page is also the place for you to tell us what you would like to see us bring to you in the way of products, information and personal development education. So to get started, simply head on over to our Facebook page, introduce yourself and please remember to click the “Like” button at the top of the page. You can also click on the Facebook tab on the right side of your browser window to see what’s new.

Since customer support issues are not addressed on our page, the best and fastest way to get help for those kinds of queries is still to open a ticket at our customer support page.

We’re looking forward to “meeting” you on Facebook!

About the author

Peter Julian is the Publisher at BrainSpeak.com

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