June 21


Download Titles Now Available!

By Peter Julian

June 21, 2012

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BrainSpeak DownloadsThat’s right! We have begun to render our entire catalog in our High Resolution MP3 format. You no longer need to be tied to your CD player or computer to benefit from BrainSpeak.com programs. Take your programs anywhere your MP3 player goes!


Not only is this format more convenient but:

  • You get instant delivery. Start your program today!
  • You get an automatic “download discount.” We’re passing on our reduced production costs to you!
  • There’s no shipping charge. You save an instant $10 on domestic and $30 on international shipping!

Right now, you can get instant access to all of our BrainStorm Silent Subliminal titles in our High Resolution MP3 format.

All your purchased titles are available instantly inside our Planet BrainSpeak Customer Hub along with instructions and an ever-growing resource center to make your program experience even better.

You can order and download your BrainStorm programs in our new BrainSpeak Store here!

Here’s a quick note:

  • The new BrainSpeak Store and the BrainSpeak website are in “Beta” mode and may still have a bug or two. Please let us know at BrainSpeak Support if you have any difficulty ordering or downloading your programs.
  • Programs that are downloadable will have (DL) next to the title in the BrainSpeak Store.
  • We will be adding new titles every week!

About the author

Peter Julian is the Publisher at BrainSpeak.com

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