May 15


How to Know Your Emotional Truth

By Margaret

An experience or situation has two types of truths, the emotional truth and the factual truth, and these two are very different from one another. It should be noted that emotional truths among persons also differs. As a teacher, the author continuously reminds his students about this part of emotional truths. What something feels about a situation can be said to be his emotional truth. The emotional truth has nothing to do with the actual facts concerning the situation. When two people experience the same thing, they can come up with entirely different perspectives on it. Although feelings are concrete and real aspects of our experience, they cannot be categorized as being factual or having the quality of true. This is why conflicts exist between people about their emotional truths. Emotional truth makes one to express the voice in their heart and not the voice that speaks from their mind. This is what one does when one is in a court room. Sharing emotional truths is about what one thinks as opposed to what they really want to hear you say or write about. The story should remain true to how one experienced the situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • In an experience or situation, there are two types of truths which are the emotional truth and the factual truth. The two types are different.
  • Everyone has an emotional truth and these emotional truths are different and vary for every kind of person in the world.
  • An emotional truth can be defined as what someone feels about a situation deep in his heart and it is different from the actual facts.

“When you’re not telling your emotional truth, chances are, you’re hiding your truth, either to protect others or to deny your own feelings. It’s like telling your story with a veil hanging over it.”

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