November 15


Does Your Passion = Your Purpose?

By Margaret

November 15, 2018

While your passion may not be exactly the same as your purpose in life, the two can definitely be closely related. People who work towards a larger goal or purpose often find themselves healthier and happier, so it is a good principle to embrace. True passions make us happy, but often get relegated to leisure time. Figure out what your real passions are, and use tried-and-true organizational skills to make sure you make time for them. Mindfulness meditation and positive thinking can help you fully embrace your passions and your purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you are passionate about something and love it, do not let it go for anything.
  • Money comes and goes but love and passion is something that can stay on forever.
  • Some people give up on their dreams and passions for some sort of short term monetary gain.

“This is definitely something I can agree with. While there are some people who go on to make money directly from their passion, the process is a little more complicated for the rest of us.”

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