August 26


Wireless Headphones Act Like A Personal Trainer

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We are going to talk today about some tech that isn’t directly related to brain fitness, but since working out is so important in keeping your brain healthy, we thought it qualified for our Tech Watch! Presenting the VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones + Mp3.

guy closeup vr1 headsetFX-Sport, located in the UK, has come up with a unique set of sports headphones that is sweatproof and contains an MP3 player built right into the headphones, giving you the advantage of an MP3 player without worry about getting tangled up in the wires.

This device can use text to speech software to read your playlist to you to help you quickly pick what you want to listen to.

The sound is very good quality, with lots of base and treble built in (both are adjustable).

But the FX-Sport VR1 is far more than just a wireless MP3 player! It also comes with a programmable “personal trainer” option, where you (or your trainer) can design a workout with instructions, motivational messages, and timing to make your workout more precise.

There are also some prepared workouts that you can download for no extra charge from their data base.

Like to perform your workouts in a pool?

No problem! They also have a separate silicone skin accessory that you can buy to make your headset totally waterproof, so that you can take it into the pool with you.

FX-SPORT VR1 Personal Trainer Wireless Sports Headphones/Waterproof Mp3 Player. HD from FX-SPORT on Vimeo.

There is also an option to “race a virtual athlete” to pace yourself or add a little competition!

The Vr1 programmable personal trainer headphones have been available in the UK since November 2012, and became available in the US in April.

These headphones are not cheap, but they allow you to do things no other unit can do.

Find out more on their website – you can purchase them there as well:

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