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There is a Pathway to Inner Peace That You May Not Have Considered

By Jacqueline Ripstein

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by Jacqueline Ripstein, Artist/Author of- “The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness

Editors Note: Jacqueline’s art is not like anything else that you have ever encountered! Hers is a rare gift, and we invite you to explore the possibilities within her work.  Normally you would not expect to see an article like this categorized as “Technology” but the special techniques that she has created really do belong there!

When I was a little girl, I believed in magic, my wand and my paint brush transported me to the Invisible World. My mystical path through the arts, along with a powerful inside force, moved me constantly to research a way to portray this Invisible world. I was seeking a path unknown to the arts, a new expression that could convey the inner and outer worlds of a human being. The arts and this creative path have leaded me to those unseen places that are hiding from the human eye, into the hidden secrets of Life!

My deepest desire has been to reveal those unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity. To do this, I crossed the barriers from the Visible Dimensions to the Invisible Dimensions of Life, using color vibration as my guide. I have done this after years of research. I wanted to reveal our Inner Light and the Existence of the Light of Our Creator. My life’s journey has been to discover a new technique, a new way to reveal the truth. I do not reveal the Invisible World, the other way around; the Invisible World reveals to me the truth! And my responsibility is to transmit it to humanity!

That’s why I dared cross the boundaries of the traditional art schools to create New Invisible Art & light Techniques©–my paintings can be seen in three wavelengths—black light, normal light and combined. These images reveal information hidden initially from sight, and in doing so, bring the higher vibrations of the dimensions beyond our physical existence–and all that exists in higher planes–into our physical reality. As the invisible appears, a shock, a wow factor is created, this is a moment of consciousness, where the art and its messages become a catalyst for creating change. The color vibrations connect to the human energy system, raising the frequency in the viewer and healing wounds known and unknown. Studies by leading scientists have been made, they show the transformation people undergo when they see this unique artwork.

The Invisible Art is no gimmick. It was given to me for a purpose: by encountering my art, you are guided to see within yourself. This is the gift that we all have a right to receive as we become aware of our Invisible Realities. This is the source of our true being…Our thoughts and our feelings are created from this sacred space and manifested in the “visible dimension.”

As I say in my book The Art of HealingArt:  “Thus, we can understand not only that invisible forces unite us and influence us, but that we vibrate and abide in multiple dimensions not perceived by the human senses. All these realities occur in the Invisible World, which parallels our physical, material, and visible realm. Everything that exists in this universe is energy, manifested from the most subtle realms of energetic structures to the densest realms of vibrating matter. In the material world this energy is condensed and trapped. It is all an illusion: we perceive material objects to be solid, and they are not. Science has taught us that all matter vibrates. The more it condenses, the slower its atoms vibrate.”

“How should we understand this? It is important to appreciate that we are far more than what we see and believe ourselves to be. We have more skills than we can begin to imagine. And we need to learn to use these capabilities with utmost humility and purity of intention to co-create a world of Light and Peace….”

I firmly believe only those that see the Invisible, can do the Impossible! Peace is possible when we all realize our highest selves.

How does this art help you heal? At some point in your life you have, at some completely random moment, stopped what you were doing and just thought…Who Am I? Since the birth of time, there have existed many questions for which man has struggled to find the meaning. Life enigmas are still vast and unanswered. We, as mere mortals, have struggled to cope with the vastness of existence.

These Invisible Art images reveal to us who we truly are; they emanate higher levels of energy. They afford the opportunity to align with higher electromagnetic frequencies known to enhance our healing and health of body-mind-spirit. A new possibility, where each image opens its portals of wisdom to a new gateway. As these images help us to connect to our life’s experiences and our soul, a new expansion occurs, revealing unknown Invisible dimensions where not only the art images dwell, but the dimensions where our soul exists. This experience adds another “grain” to the vast knowledge that humanity has discovered up to now, helping us escalate forward.

“A picture is worth a thousand words….” And more!

We are all looking for answers to Life’s big questions and trials– many are revealed in my book The Art of HealingArt –. The Invisible Dimensions provide us with guidance, leading us to awaken to our inner wisdom, helping us to transcend and expand beyond limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits. As we view the art within this book, invisible forces are ignited within us, stimulating our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

The messages from these paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis. The birth of a “new you” is critical to the birth of a New Humanity.

About the author

Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally renowned Fine Art Artist. She is the author of: The Art of HealingArt – The Keys to Power and Awareness and creator of New Invisible Art techniques including the patented Invisible Art and Light tech. © (pat.1986). For 38yrs. she has inspired thousands of people around the world during more than 377 International shows. Various scientists have researched Jacqueline’s art and have concluded that her creative works possess unique high healing properties. In addition to healing, she has advocated for World- Peace and helping to raise human consciousness.

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