April 24


How to Love Your Life: Make One Simple Change

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Money and finances takes up an extraordinary amount of our energy.  Thinking about it, wanting more, spending time trying to make more…  In the end, most people feel tired and dissatisfied with their lives because of their perceived lack.

What if You Could Love Your Life?

But what if you could make one simple change in the way you think, that would make you love your life?  Wouldn’t that be worth a try?  Lynne Twist presents us with an alternative that could increase your happiness and make the world a better place!

love your lifeThis Simple Mental Shift Can Enrich Everything In Your Life | The Huffington Post Wealth typically isn’t thought of as a spiritual provision, but The Soul of Money author Lynne Twist disagrees, asserting that the key to expanding your wealth isn’t trying to accumulate more but by sharing what you already have. In a spiritual conversation about money on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” Twist explains to Oprah that society’s focus on finance is sapping the spiritual energy that can actually enrich not just individuals, but the world. read more at huffingtonpost.com

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