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Change Habits Before They Start: Interruptions for Intentional Change

by: Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD (the following is an expert from Lynette’s upcoming ebook, which will be available later in the year at Many years ago my then eight year old daughter started tightening her throat and contorting her face while making a swallowing sound that resembled a tic. I instinctively knew […]

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Authenticity is a Key Part of a Healthy Relationship

While many of us believe that we truly are authentic, authenticity is not something that we can achieve and then check the block and move on. Authenticity is a process that continues throughout our lives as we delve into what is going on deep within our psyche. Authenticity isn’t something that we do just for […]

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Seven Tips for a Whole-Hearted Career

by Dr. Patricia Thompson As a corporate psychologist, I get into a lot of discussions with people about their careers. And, when I talk to some people, it would seem that fulfillment and work are like the chupacabra – something that is supposed to exist according to folklore, but that they have seen no trace […]

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The Truth About Lie Detection: How Your Brain Detects Authenticity

It is great fun to watch people interact. Do you ever wonder, as you are watching others, whether they are being authentic or not? How can you tell whether they are trustworthy or just making up a lot of nonsense? Enter Neuroscience. This branch of science studies the nervous system and how it develops and […]

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Good Night, Brain: Mindfulness Techniques for Sleepless Nights

mindfulness techniques

by Todd Robinson The other night, as my wife and I were getting ready for bed, we heard crying coming from our 9 year-old son’s room. It seems that while the boys were fishing earlier in the day, a bluegill swallowed the hook too deeply and died when they tried to get it out. Truthfully, […]

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Five Steps to Dealing with Stress

By Froswa Booker-Drew We always hear about the impact and dangers of stress on our minds and bodies. No matter how much I’ve read about stress and coping mechanisms to deal, life is hard and presents challenges that are often difficult to prepare for. I am in one of those situations right now. I am […]

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What is the Brain Impact of Allowing Screen Time for Babies 0-2 Years Old – PART 2

(Editor’s Note: In Part 1, Dr. Bennett introduced the topic of screen time for babies and different points of view about what is acceptable.  In this next part, she gives some sensible guidelines for how to deal with the topic.) In summary, research has demonstrated that excessive screen time use by young children may result […]

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What is the Brain Impact of Allowing Screen Time for Babies 0-2 Years Old – PART 1

Editor’s Note:  We haven’t published much about the development of an infant’s brain, but since this is a site about optimal brain fitness and function, accelerated learning and maximizing your potential, we thought that this article was relevant.  There is still a lot of research that is needed in this area, but it does seem […]

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What Is One of the Biggest Risks to Our Memory and Focus?

by Kenneth Freundlich, PhD. The average American consumes 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words a day.* It comes from television, video, radio, phone, print, and computers, often from more than one source at a time, as we read email while talking on the phone or surf the web while watching television. The term “information […]

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Change Your Mood on the Count of Three!

by Kac Young Ph.D. ND, DCH So what (or who) ticked you off today? Someone at work? A phone call you received, or didn’t receive? Some bad news from a friend or relative, or did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed? It happens to all of us. One day our […]

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