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How to Easily Train Your Brain to Think Positively

  Do you have a tendency to focus on the negative?  If so you may think that it is really hard to think positively… It isn’t. If you follow this advice from Brendon Burchard, you will be using System 2 thinking before you know it!  What is System 2 thinking, you ask? Some psychologists divide […]

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A New Year’s Resolution For Every Zodiac Sign

Need a new jump-start on making your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Here’s a unique way to get going! Look, New Year’s Eve is filled with so many expectations, it could make your head spin. The only good part of this holiday is, it offers us the opportunity to start over. Truthfully, we could start over […]

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The Best Way To Have A More Satisfying Life: The Gratitude Habit

the gratitude habit

[EDITOR’S NOTE] I talk to a lot of people who feel their life is missing some key ingredient, but don’t know what it is.  Feelings of dissatisfaction are common, but they suppress it with TV, a few beers, mindlessly eating.  They just do not know what to do or how to make life better. The suggestion […]

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Greatest Challenges of New Year’s Resolutions: How to be Successful

The top New Year’s resolutions include changes to diet, fitness and finances. About 45% of people in the US make them, why are most unsuccessful?

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Success Blueprint: End Self-Sabotage & Become More Successful

It’s like magic… If you are currently in a place where life doesn’t feel like much fun, you may be surprised to learn there are many, many “micro” actions you can take that don’t require a lot of effort, but can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and about your life.. […]

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Success Blueprint: Traits of Wildly Successful People

nurture poetry

It’s really not difficult… Have you ever felt like you are just sitting on the sidelines, watching the “popular” people racking up all the success? They operate with confidence and receive the recognition, the relationships, the great jobs, the big money, etc. The big question is, why are you watching them rather than creating YOUR […]

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Success Blueprint: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

success blueprint

(This is Part 1 of a 3-Part Series, “Success Blueprint.” ) Are you happy? Not over-the-moon every minute of every day happy, but feeling good about who you are, about your life in general happy? Few people seem to feel that way. Years ago, we (the crazy editors at set out to find what stands […]

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6 Ways Super Genes Can Make You Invincible

Do you think that your genes are just what they are? That your parents handed them down to you and that is what you are stuck with for the rest of your life? For years we had the belief that they were fixed, but the study of epigenetics has exploded that myth. Your genes are […]

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[Interview] Stop Self-Sabotage By Doing Just One Thing!

In an exciting new interview for BrainSpeak Radio, Peter Julian talked with Holistic Health Practitioner and author of the #1 Bestseller “Do One Thing, Feel Better/ Live Better,” Julia Scalise, DN, PhD. Julia has spent over 16 years helping her clients find their personal health “sweet spot.” She has also been writing great motivational articles […]

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If You Change Your Facial Expressions You Can Look More Trustworthy

Look happy, be trustworthy. A new study published by a professor of psychology at New York University finds that you can change your facial expressions to look more trustworthy. But you can’t change your facial features to look more competent. This was one of four experiments done by the researchers at NYU. All four experiments […]

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