Want To Tap Into The Unexplored Potential Of Your Brain?

  • Actually increase IQ?

  •  Dramatically improve concentration and memory?

  • Make better decisions? Solve complex problems?

  • Develop your creativity and intuition, enhance self-esteem?

  • Relax and experience more joy in your life?

Want to tap into the unexplored potential of your brain?

 Actually increase IQ?  Dramatically improve concentration and memory? Make better decisions, solve complex problems, develop your creativity and intuition, enhance self-esteem, relax and experience more joy in your life?

The Most Powerful Personal Development Tools...

For Over 40-Years, the researchers at BrainSpeak® have literally pioneered the use of sound and subliminal technology in commercially available personal development programs. And today, we are continuing to evolve and enhance our proprietary technologies to bring you the most advanced Personal Development tools you can find anywhere.

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John David Sound Patterns

Proprietary BrainSpeak Sound Patterns

Proprietary BrainSpeak® Sound Technology

Tapping into the power of “psycho-acoustics,” BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is the single most effective way to balance and enhance brain function. 


O. M. Lowery Silent Subliminals

The Original "Silent Subliminal" Technology

Just imagine powerful subliminal messages recorded at high frequencies that are not masked by music or any other sound but are essentially inaudible to your ears but not your unconscious mind!


Audible and Inaudible Affirmations

Audible and inaudible affirming and supportive messages that are designed to provide both conscious and unconscious experiences of profound change.


The word is spreading about the technology that changes lives!

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Reclaim your "SELF!"  The ultimate mind, body, spirit integration program!

Silently create fast breakthroughs in 10 important life areas anywhere, anytime!

Nine titles featuring amazing music and layered silent subliminals!

The accelerated learning powerhouse for memory, concentration, and retention!

The mind-blowing masterpiece designed to increase creativity and sheer intellectual power!

Shake your biggest success-stopping "Shadow Issues" once and for all!

Over 2-dozen new issue-specific titles! Click above to learn more!

Learn faster--remember more! Create the perfect environment for learning new material!

NEW! Free yourself from guilt, activate your intuition, connect with the power of love with 3 new titles!

Here's What Others Say...

"21st century mind massage... Sound-wave tune ups for the brain!"

"A mental workout that integrates the brain, mind, and body through sound!"

I am an entrepreneur by nature, but things never made it big. Good, but not big. My income, that of my businesses and my own net profit, increased by well over $1,000,000 the first 6 months after using the program… Best money I have ever spent.

Mary L.

The BrainSpeak Pathways End Self-Sabotage program started making a difference the first day. I watched small shortcuts and decisive actions take place more smoothly on minor routine work in the shop. The fact that I was aware of the subtle changes without watching for them gives me more confidence in myself and speaks for the end result of your work.

Van T.

Your programs are the most important neuroscience breakthrough this century.

They are a quantum leap above anything available.

Claus G.

I have used almost every subliminal motivation audio produced. None worked. None. After two weeks using your program I thought I had lost again. Finally, it clicked. Wham. Due to your tracks my concentration at school was improved. My memory, which was terrible, is now great. I went from bottom of the class to straight A’s. Thank you!

Ralph Y.

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