February 5


The Ugly Truth About Distractions

By Staff Writer

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In our last article, How to Hack Your Productivity, we presented the idea of using the natural ebbs and flows of brain power to maximize productivity.  And there is no doubt that you can use that knowledge to your advantage!

It is also true that even when your brain is primed and ready to go, there can be distractions that can still pull you off task.

The Price of Distractions

Leon Ho of Lifehack explores these distractions in The Price of Distraction is Hugely Beyond Your Imagination. He points out that people are spending large amounts of time responding to emails and social media posts.  Some staggering amounts of money are wasted every year due to inefficient communication habits and social media addiction:

  • $900 million to $1.3 trillion a year due to email habits
  • $650 billion due to social media

WOW!  Distraction is really expensive...

Every time your attention is diverted from your task, you lose time. It takes effort to get back on track, and repeated interruptions can demotivate you. It can feel as though everyone wants a piece of your time, and that you will never get around to finishing anything. If you are a typical American worker, you’ll be distracted every 11 minutes, and it will take you 25 minutes to actually settle down again to your task. The more complicated your project, the longer it takes to regain your focus, because your brain has to put in considerable effort when switching between complex objectives.

Minimizing Distractions

Of course, putting devices away or even turning them off can be a big help.  And one can close their email application, reading and responding to emails at specific times to reduce distractions.

You could also try putting Shawn Achor's 20-second rule to work for you.  Leon describes that within his article - check it out to learn more!

Once you learn to minimize the distractions that take you off course, focus will be far easier.  If you want to increase your productivity even more, check out our BrainStorm Silent Subliminal program, Peak Performance.

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