What Is BrainSpeak® Technology and Why Does It Work So Well?

We have included this special section for you so that you may become more familiar with the incredible (but proven) technologies that we use in the WBLI and BrainSpeak programs. Use your browser’s “back” botton to return to the Main Page.

There is a lot of information here, some rather technical. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, relax. Just as you don’t need to know how electricity works to successfully turn on a light, you don’t need to know all about the technology to easily use and get results from our programs.

Find out what you need or want to, then try BrainSpeak® technology for yourself!

In the Beginning…

Since the mid-1980s, the Whole Brain Learning Institute has been at the forefront of the development of technologies designed to make powerful personal transformations virtually effortless.

Our staff includes behavioral scientists, life-style and health experts, accelerated learning specialists, and award-winning composers and sound engineers.

Literally thousands of individuals, businesses and institutions have benefited from the proven technologies like those used in our extensive product line.

“There are a lot of inexpensive (audio) programs, but they just don’t do the job. You get what you pay for. Your programs have changed our lives.”

Steven L., Business Executive

Many weight loss products that claim to produce weight loss through subliminal messages, hypnosis or relaxation techniques simply don’t do enough. To be effective, a program must address the problem of internal self-image and address it in as many ways as possible.

That’s why all WBLI programs use cutting-edge proprietary and patented accelerated learning techniques and technologies including:

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