Our Powerful BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is built around the brain & mind enhancing natural, organic sound patterns developed by the late Dr. John-David.

Also known as “psycho-acoustics,” BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is the single most effective way to balance and enhance brain function. So, not only do the sound patterns balance but they stimulate specific regions of the brain that facilitate rapid learning and behavior change.

What Is BrainSpeak® Sound Technology and how does it work?

Using special microphones and a process designed by a team of experts in audio engineering, anatomy and micro-electronics, BrainSpeak® Sound technology allows the listener to perceive sound in 3 dimensions (left-right, front-back, and up-down) – both inside and outside the brain – which maximizes the psycho-acoustical impact of sound vibration in the skull.

Most audio programs use only 2 tracks – or levels, one of which is audible – usually the voice of the guide with music in the background. Subliminal messages are then added, on an inaudible level.

John-David developed his cutting-edge sound and subliminal technology by using a minimum of 7 levels, creating an unsurpassed blend of hearable and non-hearable tracks for brain/mind re-education.

Active Listening/Audible Tracks

Level 1 – Audible guided imagery and mental exercises
Level 2 – Audible music and natural sounds, designed to induce alpha brain wave states
Level 3 – Audible tones and frequencies from John-David’s Sound Library that “speak to pre-designated areas of the brain.”

Passive Listening/Inaudible Tracks

Level 4 – Inaudible, subliminal affirmations scripted by John-David and Deborah DeBerry
Level 5 – Inaudible tones and frequencies from John-David’s Sound Library
Level 6 – Inaudible guided visualization
Level 7 – Inaudible music tracks, Tibetan bells, natural sounds

Brain/mind re-education occurs when specific sound vibrations combine with positive subliminal messages to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain. This creates more neural pathways and anchors in new thought patterns.

This is the combination of sound and subliminal technology we used in creating many of our other programs including Brain/Mind Expansion Intensive, Eliminate Self-Sabotage, Environmental Learning, Maximum Immunity, Passing Professional Exams, and Whole Brain Reading.

What was the scientific basis for John-David’s sound technology?

John-David believed that we can experience transformations – on a cellular level – through sound and vibration. Evidence supports that the entire body is sensitive to sound. It is not just processed through the ear. Our cells are in a constant state of vibration. It is only logical that different parts of our bodies resonate at different frequencies and respond to sound accordingly.

Dr. William Tiller, Chairman of the Dept. of Materials Science at Stanford University confirmed this at the l976 Conference on the Nature of Reality when he reported that, “Each atom and molecule, cell and gland in our body has a characteristic frequency at which it will both absorb and emit (energy).”

Even the New York Times has reported on European studies that maintain exposure to certain “negative sounds” may result in abnormal heartbeats, migraines, circulatory ailments, and a variety of physical ailments.

Is there a special frequency that is especially beneficial to the mind and body?

When we are in a relaxed, natural state, our bodies vibrate at 7.8 to 8 cycles per second. That’s also when our brain waves are in the alpha levels. The Earth, itself, and all life is attuned to this frequency, called by physicists the Schumann Resonance.

When we feel “in harmony” with our environment and with others, it is usually because we are experiencing entrainment, or synchronization, at the same frequencies. John-David used to call this state ” bio-resonant entrainment, ” meaning that our physical bodies were responding, or resonating, to specific sounds and frequencies. These are the times we feel like we’re “in the flow” because our actions seem effortless – and joyful.

A wonderful scientific description for this is provided by bio-medical engineer Itzhak Bentov (STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM, 1977), when he says that we can establish a “resonant state” through sound – where mind and body activate and synchronize.

How does that actually work, in the brain?

As sound enters the ear, it changes from a physical stimulus (vibration) into electro-chemical charges in the brain’s neurons. These electro-chemical charges are then sent deeper into different parts of the brain’s cortex, depending upon their volume, pitch, and frequency levels. The more neural connections, the more integrated or embedded the experience becomes. Sound activates subtle emotional responses through its impact on the limbic system – and impacts the the mind through the creative imagination, as a powerful, transformative experience.

In 1979, Australian neuro-psychologist Dr. Manfred Clynes discovered codes in the nervous system which access the mind and stimulate the brain. His research showed that sound is a key to decoding these neurological systems.

Why is that important?

Because it’s like having a key to the door of your mind. With the right codes, you can re-educate the brain to improve or change behaviors. Our BrainSpeak® Sound Technology is the “code” we use to activate the brain and nervous system. One sound patterns can stimulate millions of neurons.

“It’s the real cutting edge and I think it’s extremely exciting. With the intensity of the sounds… new ideas come tumbling into my mind.”

Nancy W., psychologist, Houston, TX

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