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What is the Brain Impact of Allowing Screen Time for Babies 0-2 Years Old – PART 1

Editor’s Note:  We haven’t published much about the development of an infant’s brain, but since this is a site about optimal brain fitness and function, accelerated learning and maximizing your potential, we thought that this article was relevant.  There is still a lot of research that is needed in this area, but it does seem […]

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What Is One of the Biggest Risks to Our Memory and Focus?

by Kenneth Freundlich, PhD. The average American consumes 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words a day.* It comes from television, video, radio, phone, print, and computers, often from more than one source at a time, as we read email while talking on the phone or surf the web while watching television. The term “information […]

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Got Brain Fog? Try These Fixes Before Medication

by Adrienne Erin It can be frustrating trying to get things done or remember important details while suffering from a “foggy brain.” You know you have the ability to function and get things done, but knowing and doing are two different things. There are different reasons why a person may find themselves trying to work […]

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Are Your Friends Making You Stupid?

by Adrienne Erin Whether you call them your BFFs, posse, amigos, pals, besties or buds, they’re your friends. They help you get through the day with their funny texts and SnapChats. They leave witty messages on your Facebook wall. They even loan you money when you realize that payday is Friday and it’s only Tuesday. […]

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Sharpen Your Mind With Yoga

by Joseph Carney The human mind is an amazing thing. On the surface, it is a complex series of electrical connections in the brain that form when we learn or experience something new, and becoming stronger whenever we employ it—whether it be a skill, a bit of trivia, or material for a test. The mind […]

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[Infographic] Dementia Cases Are on the Rise

Dementia cases are on the rise, as you can see illustrated by this infographic from Bluebird Care. Embedded with permission from Bluebird Care

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Food for Memory Improvement and Concentration

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype about various foods that can improve memory and concentration. Of course, in today’s society, forgetfulness is simply part of life. American families are so busy running from place to place, working multiple jobs, and keeping up with kids that we sometimes forget even the simplest […]

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Musical Training Early in Life Benefits the Brain Forever!

Did you have to take music lessons when you were a kid? I did and I think all the kids I grew up with in our neighborhood did as well. Piano was most popular, along with various band instruments. I struggled with the violin for years before switching over to a clarinet, which I did […]

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Human Memory vs. Technology in Education

By Sameer Bhatia There is no doubt that this generation of children is being exposed to more technology than ever before. Day-to-day life now involves some form of technology on a regular basis, and children are being exposed to this at very young ages. Opinions on whether this is good for children are divided. Some […]

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Sharpen Your Memory with Games

Some of the most popular forms of entertainment that are available for all ages to use are video games. Video games can be found to be played on different console systems, genres, styles, purposes, and difficulties; all of which have their own capabilities. Although playing video games may not necessarily be seen as a good […]

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