March 13


You’re a Totally Different Person in the Morning, According to this Massive Twitter Study

By Peter Julian

March 13, 2020

A Twitter study was done and it shows that the time of day has a direct correlation with our mood and type of social media post. For example, most people tend to tweet about their families on weekend and about food when they are eating. An interesting discovery is that people tend to be more focused on achievements and power in the mornings and much more gloomy and negative at night. This could be due to the release of cortisol in the morning which tends to put our brains in a much more positive mood.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are more likely to mention their family over the weekends and tend to talk about food when they are eating.
  • People tend to be more focused on power and achieving things during the morning and more negative at night.
  • When the body releases cortisol it keeps you awake and alert. When the body produces melatonin it makes you sleepy. When cortisol is released, the mind tends to be more positive and optimistic.

“Thoughts, plans, and even emotions predictably change as the day wears on, but a new study looking at hundreds of millions of tweets shows just how much that’s true.”

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