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Wristband Sensor To Deliver First Open Source For Health and Fitness

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If you are at all familiar with software platforms, you know the term “open source.”

It generally applies to computer programs, where the source code is open and available to the public for use or enhancement.

This can have both advantages and disadvantages, as you can imagine!

Taking this concept to the next level is the new Angel device, a wristband sensor that will monitor your vital signs, delivering them as an open source for health and fitness. It can also keep track of physical activity such as sleeping, walking, running, and even  may be able to detect dangerous health conditions.

This device is still under development, but the plan is to allow transmission of the data from the Angel to and from any device that is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. Developers will be able to use the SDK (Software Development Kit) to develop their own smartphone apps.

While the Angel team plans on developing other sensor/measurements in the future, it will be able to detect pulse from blood flow sounds, Blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, and various activities using noise filtering and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Who is developing this innovative health and fitness monitor?

Seraphim Sense, based in Israel. If you are interested in finding out more, you can keep checking back at, where you will be able to sign up to be notified when the SDK and forum are available for use.

They are hoping to be able to begin shipping these devices early in 2014.

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