January 21


Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work – And What Does

By Margaret

January 21, 2019

Many professionals dote on how important positive thinking is, but can it really solve emotions that have been deeply embedded in individuals for years and years? This writer expresses that positive and negative emotions actually do not exist. It is just our judgments around these emotions and ideas that cause them to be negative or positive. Labeling one as positive and the other as negative is counterproductive in truly tackling the issue at hand of maintaining mindfulness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your thoughts — whether positive or negative — do not really exist in any objective sense, and their meaning depends on you.
  • There is an important difference between judging your thoughts as positive or negative, vs just understanding them.
  • Greeting your thoughts from a place of love rather than fear can help you to avoid the desire to judge your thoughts.

“We don’t need to try to think positive in order to enjoy a joyous and fulfilling life. All we need is an understanding, and to not take our thoughts so damn seriously.”

Read more: https://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/why-positive-thinking-doesnt-work-and-what-does/

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