March 19


Why Perfectionism Stops Us from Creating New Habits

By Peter Julian

Many people are perfectionists but they don’t realize that doing so can prevent them from creating new habits that could be beneficial. When it comes to making changes, we have to make an actual effort to make change. A lot of us tell ourselves that we are going to do something but then never get to it or end up procrastinating. It is essential that we keep a schedule and stay on top of things as that is the best way for us to make real change in our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a sense of hopefulness when formulating a new habit to partake in and hope nothing will get in the way.
  • Progress for new habits may last a while but inevitably, something will occur that puts a stop to the flow.
  • Refocus the fantasy ideas into something grounded so breaks don’t dissolve the idealized fantasy.

“Our hopeful idea of how it will go, and then our disappointment and frustration with ourselves when it doesn’t go that way.”

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