August 13


Why It’s Smart to Opt for a Female Surgeon

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Sometimes too much testosterone in an operating room may not be a good thing. New studies have shown that when a head surgeon is male, there may be an increased amount of conflict if the attending team is male as well. The study also indicated that when a female was the attending surgeon, or there was a mixture of females in the surgical team in general, there was less chance of impending conflict during surgery.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the operating room, studies have shown that teams work better when there are several females in the room.
  • Specifically, the studies show that cooperation and tends to increase with a rising number of females in the operating room.
  • In addition, communication conflicts were shown to occur mostly when more males were present in the operating room team.

“If that’s right, it suggests operating rooms?and perhaps other work spaces?will gradually become more cooperative as they become occupied by a mix of both genders.”

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