June 27


When You’ve Lost Your Passion for That Thing You Once Loved

By Margaret

Having passion for something has peaks and valleys. Some days you lose sleep over it, and others, you’re uninspired and uninterested. But one day, you may completely lose the fire and passion for the thing you once loved. So what do you do? Some passions are burnt into your being and define your identity. So, take a break. Try taking a different approach and a change of scenery. Remember, self-care and balance are key to pursuing anything you love. Letting go allows the universe to fill your void, with renewed passion, or find a new passion.

Key Takeaways:

  • People who have had a passion for an activity would have experienced the peaks and lows that are usually associated with such activity.
  • One can lose sleep because the passion that he loves keeps him up all night and sometimes one can just become tired of pursuing it.
  • But when the valley of emotions for the passion becomes a steady valley, and when the excitement does not crop up again for the passion, it is different.

“You may feel a loss of identity and wonder who you are without that passion, regardless of whether or not it inspires you anymore.”

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