January 19


When Things Have to Change: How to Find the Willpower to Achieve Your Goals

By Peter Julian

It can be hard to find the motivation and willpower you need to complete something especially if you are burnt out. Depression also plays a major role in low willpower and motivation. If you are overburdened with tasks, get the ones that give you the most anxiety done first. You will feel relieved and it could also make you want to do more by giving you the confidence you need. Seeing a professional is another important thing you should do if you are feeling to have low or no willpower.

Key Takeaways:

  • To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the size of a task, try chunking it into smaller parts.
  • Your beliefs allow you to create your own reality, so shift your perception to something more positive.
  • Low-level thoughts can drag you down, while high-level thinking is associated with willpower.

“This vicious cycle of depression and binge eating leads me to a state of paralysis, and obesity. I’ve completely stopped taking care of myself. I feel like I may as well die because my life is over!”

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