June 13


When “Crazy Busy” Is a Way of Avoiding Emotional Connection

By Peter Julian

June 13, 2020

During the current pandemic, many people question whether their lives are filled with things that are important to them. These days, when we are suddenly vulnerable to an invisible virus, people start examining the direction of their life and wonder if staying “crazy busy” is just a way to avoid dealing with other issues. We start to understand the difference between “filler” and “fulfillment”. Many people realize that their lives lack fulfillment, but are full of fillers hiding important issues like sadness and depression. Once we realize we are in that predicament, there are ways we can help ourselves. Look and identify the source of this situation and feel free to grieve that staying busy is so central to your life. Put your true feelings in writing, through a diary or a journal and explain your beliefs about sadness. Finally, distinguish between fillers and fulfillments in your life, prioritize them and learn to say “no” to some of them. Perhaps this is a strange gift from the pandemic, but a gift that can bring you some inner peace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal fulfillment and filler are not synonymous; one addresses a deeper meaning of being human while the other does little more than take time.
  • Many people find they are merely filling their day with tasks that do not impact their emotions, but are also not adding to their fulfillment.
  • Ways of getting away from fillers and add to one’s fulfillment involve finding the core reasons, determine if the filler is even necessary, and be willing to say “no.”

“Emotional control remains paramount – that is, until the cost gradually becomes more apparent and damaging.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/perfectly-hidden-depression/202005/when-crazy-busy-is-way-avoiding-emotional-connection

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