November 11


What Is Self-Image (And How to Change It for a Happier Life)

By Peter Julian

A self-image is our own personal viewpoint about ourselves. This can include how intelligent we see ourselves, how attractive we believe we are, and how we view our talents and abilities. A good self-image can enhance our mental, physical, and spiritual health. A self-identity or a self-concept are much broader than a self-image, which is simply how we view ourselves. Our self-image is not static, but it grows and adapts over time. We can develop a positive self-image by learning to accept and love ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our self-image impacts how we view ourselves and how we interact with those around us.
  • A positive self-image can enhance our health and well-being, but a negative self-image can be destructive.
  • A self-image differs from a self-concept because a self-concept is broader than how we view ourselves.

“Our self-image is the personal viewpoint we adopt towards ourselves which describes characteristics such as intelligence, attractiveness, talents, kindness, and many other traits.”

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