March 5


What Is Double Loop Learning And How Is It Valuable?

By Peter Julian

Learning through double loop process means that you always re-evaluate what you learned and how you acquired the specific knowledge. The main pitfall of such learning in organizations is in lack of incentive to question why some things are done a certain way. It eliminates learning opportunity and an opportunity for better efficiency. Double loop is not just merely an opposite, but it means that you should add a layer that will encourage critical thinking and analysis.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Challenger space shuttle explosion was a good example of a failure caused by single-loop learning.
  • Single-loop learning involves planning, action and reflection, while double-loop learning also allows questioning why something is being done.
  • Shifting to double-loop learning involves leveling with one another, setting benchmarks, and valuing risk-taking and criticism.

“A thermostat that turns on and off when it senses a pre-set temperature is akin to single-loop learning.”

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