May 15


What Is Abstract Thinking And How To Develop It

By Peter Julian

May 15, 2021

Abstract thinking is necessary in our modern life where digital technology is abundant. We need to be more aware of our senses beyond just the physical sense. When we have a moment of fight or flight, these are our senses going into over drive. This feeling comes from the saber tooth tiger days. We no longer need that trigger. When we experience something stressful, it isn’t life threatening, but our minds tend to go there. Becoming more aware of other parts of our minds is essential.

Key Takeaways:

  • Abstract thinking comes from our ability to really think about the world around us.
  • The way our brains process the world around us is where this certain awareness comes from.
  • the snap judgements we make seem true just because they come quick and easy and are strong.

“Fight, freeze, or flight form a central part of one of the two systems of thinking that, roughly speaking, determine our mental processes. It’s not the old Freudian model of the id, the ego, and the super-ego, which has been left behind by recent research.”

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