August 15


What If Consciousness Comes First?

By Peter Julian

One of the oldest and most persistent questions in brain science is why the human brain has the kind of consciousness that it has. No single brain structure or feature is enough to explain for consciousness. Perhaps more progress towards understanding consciousness can be made by supposing that consciousness preceded and is necessary for the physical structures and features we see. Trying to reduce consciousness to a physical trait of a relational/dispositional nature. when consciousness is a broader category.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our brains could conceivably perform all sensory and decision-making functions without consciousness, which raises the question of why we even have it.
  • Physical properties don’t tell us what things actually are, but only how they are related to other things, and what effect they have on observers.
  • Physical properties cannot be used to explain consciousness, but perhaps the purpose of consciousness is that it is needed to explain physical properties.

“Bridging the mind-body gap will require a fundamental shift in perspective.”

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