July 19


Wearing a tie cuts circulation to your brain

By Staff Writer

July 19, 2018

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Are ties dangerous for you? They might be. A recent study claims that the men’s accessory might cut circulation to the wearer’s brain. In fact, the study done in Germany claims that ties could cut circulation to the brain by up to 7.5%. That could be just enough to cause fatalities for those who suffer from hypertension. Additionally, they create unnecessary pressure on a person’s eyes which could possibly lead to someone being diagnosed with glaucoma.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study claims that ties can cut circulation to your brain.
  • This find can be damaging to those with high blood pressure since they can cut 7.5% of one’s circulation.
  • Tie can also cause glaucoma by adding unnecessary pressure on one’s eyes.

“”But one widely-circulating study is making one thing certain: they restrict circulation of blood to your brain.””

Read more: https://bigthink.com/ned-dymoke/wearing-a-tie-cuts-circulation-to-your-brain

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