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[Video] EEG To Go: Portable Brain-Scans

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August 1, 2013

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Today (August 1) Emotiv Lifesciences revealed a new portable, high-resolution EEG brain-scan headset ($199) that can collect data real-time and send it to a computer or other device wirelessly. This company is a bioinformatics company that offers a unique platform for crowd-sourced brain research, using cloud computing, big data and mobile technology.

The Emotiv Insight is a 5-channel device that captures and understands what is going on in your brain. It can measure and track things like relaxation and stress, attention, focus, interest and excitement (to name a few!).

It can help you optimize brain fitness and performance, as well as monitor your families mental health and fitness.

There are also API’s and analysis tools available that can help anyone with some technical savvy create amazing new applications using this device.

One of the hopes for this headset is that it can help scientists gather more data about healthy brains, as well as those with dysfunctions, to help facilitate early identification and interventions for brain ailments.

Watch this 3 minute video where co-founder of Emotiv Lifesciences, Tan Le, talks about this amazing new device!

The headset is targeted for general release in April, 2014.

Read about the other uses of this incredible technology on National Geographic:

Portable Brain-Scan Headsets: 4 Incredible Applications

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