May 18

[Video] Deliberately Experience the Joy of Being In the Flow!



Have you ever had one of those moments where you lose touch with who you are or how you are doing something, and just became a part of the experience?  Most of us have, and this is often referred to as “Being in the Flow.”

But it seems like being there is just something that happens in spite of ourselves – when all of the stars align.  While we can be grateful for those fleeting experiences, what if there was a way to get there more often – to get there deliberately?

This video is about just that – about inviting the flow to be part of your regular experience

Judson Brewer MD PhD, the speaker in this excellent Ted Talk, is an addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Yale University.  In this video, he presents various ways that we sabotage ourselves – step on our own feet. We get in our own way most of the time by letting our brains run unattended – regret, worry, over-thinking.  Fear. Rumination.

But he has found that there are ways to help us get out of our way.  Mindfulness is one of these ways, and his lab (and many others!) has done trials to prove its effectiveness.

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool, and at BrainSpeak we encourage regular practice.  We also believe that consistent use of our innovative programs can help as well.  Click here to find out more today!



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