March 21


Vast Mind: 3 Ways to Open Beyond the Self-Concern of Our Small Mind

By Margaret

March 21, 2019

Being in a state of “small mind” means being focused on wanting to get what we want while avoiding what we don’t want. It is this mindset that often leads to self centered thinking and suffering over distractions, worrying what others think, personal offenses, etc. The cure for this is to induce a state of “vast mind”, transitioning to being open to the moment and thinking bigger than ourselves. To do this, increase your awareness through meditation, act as if every experience is new to you, and devote yourself to other people instead of yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  • The small mind, according to the author, is the small world of self concern, of wanting to get what we want and avoiding what is not wanted.
  • The small mind is behind much of our suffering and worries as we are distracted and get worried about what others might think of us.
  • Since the small mind leads to anxiety, stress, fear and distraction, the antidote, according to the author, is the Vast mind that makes us bigger than the small mind.

“They relax into this openness. They might notice that this other person, whom they love, is suffering in some way. They send this person compassion, and feel love for the person and this moment.”

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