July 25


Two Ways To Get Better At Something

By Peter Julian

July 25, 2019

Most people want to improve on a given skill in their life. This may include playing an instrument, enhancing their fitness or a variety of other skills. There are a few ways to get better at certain skills. For example, one way to improve your skills is to jump in head first and devote your all to improving the skill. Another way is to gently begin practicing the skill. This way can prevent possible burn out. Whichever way you choose both can be useful when working on a new skill.

Key Takeaways:

  • By progressively increasing a task in your everyday habits you can improve your performance.
  • Challenging yourself on a slower, consistent manner with help you retain more of the accomplishment longer term.
  • Adding a little bit more everyday is less intimidating and you may be more successful rather than overdoing it.

“For whatever reason, whenever I resolve to get good at something, I habitually take a “boot camp” sort of approach. I draw up a challenging regimen, to be followed by hell or high water—for 30 days or so.”

Read more: https://www.raptitude.com/2019/06/two-ways-to-get-better-at-something/

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