April 3


Try this psychological trick to ‘hack’ your focus and motivation

By Peter Julian

April 3, 2021

Self-efficacy has to do with your own self confidence which can be a road block to getting what you want done. Psychologist Albert Bandura came up with this term in 1977 and the idea is that we can be more productive when we believe in our ability. When we think we will fail then our motivation declines and we don’t always realize the extent to which our small negative thoughts impact us. Low self esteem causes procrastination.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of us are quick to complain that our focus is distracted by transitory items, like noise, mail etc.
  • Psychology suggests that the issue goes a bit deeper and has much more to do with self-confidence then an any outer consideration.
  • Though we may not be consciously aware of it, self doubt that we have regarding our capacity to finish a task can make us build road blocks to prove to ourselves it is not our fault.

“Self-efficacy is a psychological concept that refers to your confidence in successfully navigating a situation and overcoming potential obstacles.”

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